Professional development in Technology Education

Teknosofium is a course on competence development in tecnology and education. Participants come from across higher education institutions and meet to discuss the impact of technology in their own teaching. The course provides the necessary tools and theories to comprehend and effectively navigate through hybrid learning environments and teaching scenarios that they encounter in their profession.

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Explore Teknosofikum

In Teknosofikum you can choose from over 40 different modules. You choose the modules most relevant to your professional needs and thus create your own and unique learning path.

Learn from experts

Over 20 Experts from the partner institutions has created unique content for Teknosofikum. On the online platform you will find their interesting, new and thought-provoking perspectives on teaching, the future of education, technological trends and much, much more.


Over 100 people have so far participated in Teknosofikum - and the responses are positive: In fall 2022, 95% of all participant expressed they would recommend Teknosofikum to a colleague.

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