Professional Development in Technology Education

Expanding the potential of technology in higher education through professional development, where interdisciplinarity is at the core.

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We are Teknosofikum

During 2020-2023 we develop a ground-breaking course on technology education for all higher education teachers in Denmark. We call it Teknosofikum.

Nationally and internationally, across the educational systems, technology education is increasingly becoming acknowledged as central to the society of the future. Professionals in all fields need to face the transformation that technology brings in terms of automation, decision-making, and regulation.

This calls for skilled higher education teachers in all subjects. Teachers prepared to engage reflectively with these matters in their teaching activities. Teachers that will support students to acquire abilities, think creatively, and become competent professionals themselves.

Our vision

Future of professions

Technological trends impact on professional roles, decision-making processes, regulation, and use of data analytics. Professionals from all fields and disciplines need to upgrade their knowledge about technology-driven processes that are changing society.


Technology is more than a tool; it is an active agent interrelated with human life and society. Perspectives from philosophy and cultural anthropology can help our understanding of technology and reflections on societal transformation at a deeper level.

Teacher education

Teaching practices relate to learning theories, of which teachers might not be aware of. In Teknosofikum, we explore different learning theories to make explicit their relationship with individual teaching practices.


Higher education teachers work with research, business, and industry. Interdisciplinary dialogue provides a very fertile exchange about technological trends across different fields of expertise. It also supports discussions and mutual inspiration about activities, tools, and strategies to use in teaching.

News and updates

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Join Teknosofikum Spring or Autumn, 2023!

You can signup for our Hybrid(40 hours) or Online(25 hours) course.

The spring course is from March-May, while the autumn course runs September-November.

You will find an overview of dates and additional information in this invitation, and you can also signup by mail directly from here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently asked questions

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What will I learn?

You will learn about technological trends in society, and be presented with critical and ethical issues for design, development, and use of technology in your professional field and in your teaching. You will explore different dimensions of technology and learn more about your own views and existing knowledge. You will reflect on your teaching style(s) and related learning theories. You will improve your teaching planning by making use of new tools, platforms, and teaching strategies for active learning, in a reflective manner.

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How much does it cost?

Teknosofikum is FREE to join for all teachers in higher education in Denmark. But please make sure you have the time in your calendar to attend. Registration to the course is a commitment to participation.

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When is the next edition of the course?

Teknosofikum runs twice a year: once in the Spring (usually March-May) and once in the Fall (usually September-November). Next edition is scheduled to start in March 2022. The on-site workshops will be held in Copenhagen the 29th of March and 10th of May (10:00-15:30). The synchronous meetings will be held the 30th of March and the 11th of May 2022 (12:00-13:00). The mid-way online meeting will be held in groups the 20th and 21st of April (to be scheduled).

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Can I participate if I am a part-time lecturer, PhD or postdoc?

Yes, as long as you have some previous experience in teaching (or in teaching assistance) in higher education.

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