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Here you will find and overview of the latest news from Teknosofikum. This includes news on course, project research and papers published. Stay updated here on this page, and follow us on Twitter.

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April 2022

Looking for participants, Autumn 2022

This fall we will once again offer teachers in higher education a spot in either our Hybrid (37h) or Online course (20h) of Teknosofikum. It will take place Septeber-November 2022 (exact dates TBD).

This is your chance to participate, please sign up via this link.

photo of Teknosofikum participants
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March 2022

Workshop kickoff

The first workshop has started with over 22 participants from now 5 different institutions.

During the day we worked in cross-disciplinary groups and disucussed teaching perspectives and created a knowledge map of a learning technologies. What do we know? And more importantly - what do we not know of it? This is the depature for more learning and shared reflections on the learning platform of Teknosofikum.

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February 2022

New recordings and content

We are currently producing new content in the studio which participants can experience this Spring.

We added such interesting topics as the history of technology, blockchain technology, biases in algorithms, new perspectives on technology and teaching - and much more.

Preview of academic on technology and education paper by pischetola
December 2021

Conference presentation

Among academics of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE), Magda Pischetola has discussed the theoretical framework of Teknosofikum at the SRHE Conference 2021 - (Re)connecting, (Re)building: Higher Education in Transformative Times , 6–10 December 2021 (online).

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November 2021

The workshop has ended

At the last workshop of Teknosofikum, four groups of participants have redesigned the course with their wishes for the future of technology education. Thank you to all participants!

Preview of academic on technology and education paper by pischetola
October 2021

New research

The interdisciplinary proposal of Teknosofikum was presented at the 4S Annual Meeting – Good Relations: Practices and Methods in Unequal and Uncertain Worlds , October 6-9, 2021, Toronto and Worldwide, with a paper on STS pedagogies in higher education teacher development.

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October 2021

The workshop begins!

A new iteration of Teknosofikum has started the 5th of October, with 22 teachers from the four higher education institutions. We are holding workshops at the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Danish Academy.

Preview of academic on technology and education paper by pischetola
September 2021

New paper out!

A new article has been released in the Postdigital Science and Education journal, as part of the special issue The Postdigital Spaces of Higher Education. The piece is titled Teaching Novice Teachers to Enhance Learning in the Hybrid University. It presents the results from the first iteration of Teknosofikum.

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August 2021

Students interviews

We interviewed students at ITU about their ideas of ”good teaching” and ”innovative use of technology”. The recorded material will be part of the next iteration of Teknosofikum, which starts in October 2021.

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August 2021

Research news

Magda Pischetola’s paper ‘Teacher professional development in higher education and the Teknosofikum project’ is now publicly available for reading and distribution. It gives an insight on the theoretical background of Teknosofikum and adress the data from the first prototype of Teknosofikum.

Keywords: Technology education, higher education, teacher professional development.

Teacher professional development in higher education and the Teknosofikum project – Learning Tech (

A model with percentages
July 2021

Data on teachers' expectations

Data from the first iteration of Teknosofikum. Teachers’ expectations for the course concentrate around Discussions about pedagogy, Available tools, and Potential activities for teaching.

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June 2021

Continuous development

Our project group members from Design School Kolding are at work to design the educational contents for the virtual learning platform of Teknosofikum.

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May 2021

First prototype

The first online prototype of Teknosofikum was tested with 7 participants from all participating institutions. With input from the participants we are developing the project further. In October and November we are taking in a new group of participants to test the updated format which includes new and updated content, and a mix of physical workshops and online self-study.

May 2020

Launch of the project

As a kick-off to Teknosofikum we invited higher education educators and stakeholders to a webinar on digital bildung (“digital dannelse”).

The webinar (video to the left) touch upon the content areas of the Teknosofikum project – what is it and how is it relevant

  • Presentations (In Danish):
  • 0:00 Velkommen
  • 8:43 “Digital dannelse i de videregående uddannelser set fra Dansk ITs perspektiv” v. Rikke Hvilshøj – Direktør for Dansk IT
  • 22:12 ”Digital dannelse i de videregående uddannelser set fra DI’s perspektiv” v. Mette Fjord Sørensen – Uddannelseschef DI
  • 34:10 Paneldebat med Rikke Hvilshøj og Mette Fjord, moderator Lone Malmborg – Institutleder Digital Design
  • 53:50 ”Computational thinking og empowerment i de videregående uddannelser” v. Michael E. Caspersen – Æresprofessor ved Institut for Datalogi, Århus Universitet og Direktør for IT-Vest
  • 1:11:52 “Hvordan gør du programmering og it-tankegang relevant for studerende i mange forskellige videregående uddannelser?” v. Claus Brabrand – Lektor og leder af Center for Computing Education Research (CCER)
ITU campus
March 2020

New technology into legal education

With a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, teachers at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, will in future be able to take a Teknosofikum course that teaches them to think new technologies into the legal subjects. Kristian Cedervall Lauta, Dean of Education, calls the project “an important step on the road to future-proofing the legal profession in Denmark.”

New Technology in Legal Education (in Danish)

January 2020

Teknosofikum to strengthen teachers’ competencies

A new grant aims to make higher education teachers better at engaging with digitalization and relating trends and new knowledge practices to their own disciplinary knowledge, practices and teaching activities.

Teknosofikum skal styrke underviseres digitale kompetencer(in Danish)

students at ITU
January 2020

New grant

Faculty from the IT University of Copenhagen, the University of Copenhagen and the design schools in Kolding and Copenhagen are getting a technology education boost. With a new grant from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the teachers of the four educational institutions themselves will be better equipped for preparing their students for a labour market and society with digitalization.

Ny bevilling digitalt løft af undervisere ska opruste samfundet med it (in Danish)

January 2020

Teknosofikum is one of nine projects that Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen has granted funding.

Fremtidens undervisere skal mestre de digitale muligheder (in Danish)

January 2020

Teknosofikum is part of the national action plan “Digital competences and digital learning” launched by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science in 2019:

Digitale kompetencer og digital læring (in Danish)

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